The Motivation Breakthrough, Richard Lavoie

Today I read an old article from USA Today about how to motivate children with who is struggling in school. Good article and you can read it if you click the link.

In The Motivation Breakthrough, Richard Lavoie outlines six motivational strategies, how they can be used and for whom they work:


Specific, sincere praise focused on effort and improvement is effective for most children, especially for those motivated by status, recognition or affiliation (a need to belong).


Offering minor choices will help motivate power-driven, autonomous and aggressive children. Avoiding power struggles means figuring out how to give kids some power without ceding your own.


Using projects to connect different disciplines can stimulate and motivate an autonomous or inquisitive child.


Though all children need positive relationships, it's especially important for adults to build positive relationships with people-oriented kids.


Prizes hold huge appeal to children driven by status, recognition, affiliation or power. But because formal reward systems may divert attention from the actual task, Lavoie suggests intermittent rewards not announced ahead of time to celebrate best efforts.


To some extent, all children need to feel important, but for autonomous, aggressive, status- or power-driven children, prestige and recognition are fundamental. Consistent encouragement and opportunities to showcase their talents are important.


Jeff Jarvis and his book: What Would Google do? WWGD

Yesterday night I started to read Jeff Jarvis book What Would Google Do ?

I must say it´s really good stuff. I read 1/3 of the book and fell asleep with the lamp alit and the book over my face. Most of the things so far are things you already know about or at least parts of but Jarvis gives a structure and inspiration to be part of this development. I will give you my book revue when I have read it. If you want to read the book Jarvis publish chapters continually on his blog Buzzmachine.com

In the book Jarvis wrights: “In 2007, I made $13,855 in revenue on Buzzmachine…….which is in line of what the book is all about, Money ? No openness and possibilities in the internet age. To be continue…………


Teo Härén, interesting.org

I recently hade the oppertunity to listen to Teo Härén speaking about creativity. He won the swedish prize for best speaker in 2006/2007. He pointed out three things that are good for creativity:
  • Good to be old
  • Well educated
  • Life experience

You cant deny this but in my oppinion this remarks can work in the opposite way..

Good to be old - tired
Well educated - makes you satisfied
Life experience - reluctance to change

Aristotle's seven causes

Motivation is nothing new.......

The Greek philosopher Aristotle said back in his days:
"Thus every action must be due to one or other of seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reasoning, anger, or appetite."

1 Chance
Chance events affect us all the time and, although some have little effect in changing what we do, a number of others force us to act or otherwise motivate us into action.
'The things that happen by chance are all those whose cause cannot be determined, that have no purpose, and that happen neither always nor usually nor in any fixed way.'
2 Nature
Natural forces are those 'originating in the body, such as the desire for nourishment, namely hunger and thirst' as well as other forces, such as to procreate.
'Those things happen by nature which have a fixed and internal cause; they take place uniformly, either always or usually.'
3 Compulsions
Compulsion occurs when we feel that we must act, even though we may not wish to act this way. This may be compliance with the law or dysfunctional obsessive-compulsive behavior.
'Those things happen through compulsion which take place contrary to the desire or reason of the doer, yet through his own agency.'
4 Habit
Habit is unthinking action, and Aristotle said 'Acts are done from habit which men do because they have often done them before.' Whilst compulsion is unpleasant and un-useful repetition of action, habit is pleasant and generally useful.
'Habit, whether acquired by mere familiarity or by effort, belongs to the class of pleasant things, for there are many actions not naturally pleasant which men perform with pleasure, once they have become used to them.'
5 Reasoning
Aristotle points out that rational and reasoned action are to defined ends, achieving something that serves personal goals.
'Actions are due to reasoning when, in view of any of the goods already mentioned, they appear useful either as ends or as means to an end, and are performed for that reason.'
He also notes that when we act in a way that we believe to be rational then we also believe that it is good.
'Rational craving is a craving for good, i.e. a wish -- nobody wishes for anything unless he thinks it good. Irrational craving is twofold, viz. anger and appetite.'
6 Anger
Sometimes interpreted as 'passion', anger can lead to extreme action.
Anger is closely related to revenge, and anger curiously lessens when there is no prospect of vengeance.
'To passion and anger are due all acts of revenge...no one grows angry with a person on whom there is no prospect of taking vengeance, and we feel comparatively little anger, or none at all, with those who are much our superiors in power.'
Aristotle notes that 'angry people suffer extreme pain when they fail to get their revenge'. Applying the pain-reduction principle, then perhaps it is not surprising that anger reduces in such circumstances.
7 Appetite
Sometimes interpreted as 'desire', appetite is 'craving for pleasure'.
Whilst anger serves negative motivation, 'Appetite is the cause of all actions that appear pleasant'.
Aristotle pointed out that wealth or poverty is not a cause of action, although the appetite for wealth may well motivate.
'Nor, again, is action due to wealth or poverty; it is of course true that poor men, being short of money, do have an appetite for it, and that rich men, being able to command needless pleasures, do have an appetite for such pleasures: but here, again, their actions will be due not to wealth or poverty but to appetite.'
So what?
These are all motivations that drive people in different ways, and some people are more affected by some causes than by others.
If you can understand how the causes affect people in specific ways, then you may be better able to influence them and
motivate them effectively.


Nanne Bergstrand, headcoach Kalmar FF, Winner of Swedish football league 2008

What can we learn from sports ?

To day I was listening to Nanne Bergstand and his view of setting goals and motivate his players. Last year they won the Swedish football league. His message was that all his players are individuals but none is more important than the team. They don’t have a result goal as for example winning the league. They set individual goals for each player to meet during the game, as for example all 90 percent right passes. The reason to this is that they can work with there own skills and not with the other teams skill or intentions. All players meeting there individual goals will together perform better as a team. Each position will also continuously improve its own skill and increase the chance to win the title. Is this a good strategy ? Maybe ? But the results never lie………..or perhaps its to early to say………

Results Swedish football league 2009 after 4 games………………..


Grab the opportunity.......

On a sunday afternoon in the business district in Shanghi it started to rain. Me and my company took cover in a doorway. In less than a minute servral sellers of unbrellas turnd up for a sell opportunity. Why does that never happen in Europe and what does that say about attitude in different places in the world......

China ahead......

After a soft landing at Shanghai airport and a nice flow through customs I noticed this "thing". It's a machine you with a simple touch can give instant feedback on the service the custom provided. This is something you could easily use in other places as for exsample hospitals to measure patient satisfaction. If you add a screen you could easily wiew results to the costumer. Business idea to think about............